Conference Guidelines & FAQs

1. When and where will the conference take place?

The Conference will take place from Wednesday 13 June 2018 to Friday 15 June 2018 at the Apex City of Bath Hotel, Bath, UK

2. Who organises the Conference?

The Conference is organised by the British International Studies Association (BISA) and the conference programme chair, in partnership with University fo Bath.

3. Who can submit a proposal for Conference?

We welcome proposals from scholars from all fields of international studies and beyond, as well as practitioners who aim to contribute to scholarly debates on the conference theme. Only full, early career, associate members and postgraduate students undertaking studies towards a PhD, can present papers at the conference.

Masters students and undergraduates are not eligible to present papers at the conference but are welcome to register to attend.

4. Where do I apply to the Conference?

Submissions should be made via the BISA website online system only. Emailed proposals will not be considered.

5. When can I submit a proposal to the Conference?

We welcome submissions from 1st September 2017 until 25th October 2017.

6. What is the deadline for submitting a proposal?

The deadline is 25th October 2017. 

7. What kinds of proposals are accepted to the Conference?

We welcome any paper, panel, and roundtable proposal which relates international studies and related subfields.

8. Can graduates participate in the conference?

Yes, postgraduate student participation in the conference is encouraged, but panels comprising of only postgraduate students will not be permitted. It is felt that postgraduate student participation is most effective when students interact with academics/practitioners on panels and that all postgraduate student panels tend to attract smaller audiences. At least one paper-giver on a panel must be a full-time academic staff.

Masters students cannot present papers at the conference.

9. What is the format of the Conference panels and roundtables?

Panels run for 90 minutes each and are composed of 5 papers and a chair but no discussant, or 4 papers plus discussant and chair. Roundtables run for 90 minutes each and are allowed a minimum of 4 presenters but can have up to 6 presenters and a chair that is responsible for setting the scene.

10. Are there a minimum number of papers, for a panel to be viable?

Yes, panels with 2 papers or less will be regarded an unviable. So please ensure when submitting panel proposals you have the minimum of 3 papers. The programme chair has the discretion to move papers to another panel or withdraw the panel should paper numbers drop below the panel minimums.

11. Can I submit the same paper proposal more than once?

No, papers with the same title and abstract, can only be submitted once, be it part of a panel or as an individual paper submission. Multiple submissions of the same paper may result in ALL submissions of that paper being withdrawn by the programme chair.

12. Can I submit more than one paper proposal?

No. You cannot submit more than one paper proposal. The only exception is for Learning and Teaching Paper submissions and then it is a max of two papers including the Learning and Teaching paper.

13. Are all paper, panel and roundtable submissions guaranteed a place on the programme?

No, while the programme chair will try to find a slot for all submissions, acceptance of papers, roundtables and/or panels is not guaranteed and dates and times on the conference programme cannot be specified; this remains at the discretion of the programme chair. About 25% of submissions are rejected, due to lack of space on the programme, lack of suitable similarly themed papers to form a coherant panel and sometimes the proposals lack the academic quality expected of such proposals.

14. Is there a participation limit?

Yes, you can appear on the programme with no more than 3 contributions, whether as paper giver, roundtable participant, or panel/roundtable chair-discussant — each of these counts as one contribution. So you cannot make multiple roundtable appearances or chair/act as discussant for more than one panel.

15. When can I expect to be informed of the acceptance/rejection decision?

We aim to inform all applicants of our decision by the end of January 2018. You can also check the provisional conference prgramme on the BISA website for more information.

16. What is the registration deadline?

All conference programme participants must register for the conference by the 28th February 2018 unless in receipt of a postgraduate bursary or they have received an official fee waiver.



17. Do I need to be a member of the BISA in order to submit a proposal?

No, anyone can submit a proposal to the conference, including non-members. You will need to set up an member account to be able to submit your proposal but you do not have to activate membership with payment of a member fee to do so.

18. Are there any guaranteed slots for the conference?

BISA Working Groups are guaranteed min 2 panels on the programme each, to be convened and organised by the working group. The working groups must rank all their submissions in order of preference to aid the Programme Chairs in allocating slots (the panels ranked number 1 and 2; will receive the automatic slots.) 

19. Do I need to be a member of the BISA in order to register for the conference?

Yes, you do need to be a member of BISA to register for the conference.


20. Do I need to upload my paper before the conference?

Yes, all participants presenting a paper are REQUIRED to submit an electronic pdf copy of their paper in advance of the conference via the online paper upload facility. The deadline for submission is 6th June 2018. All papers uploaded to the BISA website will be regarded as open access and covered by a Creative Commons licence CC-BY-NC-ND. If your paper is subsequently published by an academic publisher, it can be copright protected leaving just the abstract and title to public view. 

21. Can I present my paper by Skype or in absentia?

No, BISA regards it’s conferences as valuable networking events and therefore does not allow papers to be presented by Skype or in absentia. 

22. Will there be PowerPoint or audio visual equipment available at the conference?

BISA will be making available a laptop, screen and projector in every panel room for 2018, so please bring your power point presentation on a USB pen drive. We are afraid BISA cannot provide technical support should you have problems with your presentation so we suggest you come prepared just in case things don't go to plan and you cannot access your power point files. 

23. Can I expect to be financially supported to attend the conference?

There are 15 postgraduate bursaries that provide some financial support for presenting at the conference. There is no financial support other than this. 

24. May I attend the conference without submitting a paper or panel proposal?

Yes, you are most welcome to register, to attend and engage with the discussions occuring in the panels and roundtables.

25. Do I need to notify the organisers if I have to withdraw from the conference or cannot attend?

Yes, out of courtesy to your fellow panellists, please notify the programme chair, if you have to withdraw or can no longer attend at any point in the lead up to the conference. This allows panels to be reorganised so those still attending get the most out of the conference. Where panellists have not notified us before the start of the conference that they are unable to attend, they will be prevented from appearing on the conference programme for a period of two years. The association has been forced to apply this regulation due to the large and increasing number of no-shows at past conferences.

Please also note the conference refund policy if you have to withdraw after registration. We encourage all delegates to take out suitable insurance either through their institution or on a personal basis should there be a last minute need to withdraw after the refund deadline. Post deadline, full and partial refunds can be offered in very exceptional cricumstances i.e. close family bereavement, serious illness/hospitalisation preventing travel, paper withdrawal due to collapsed panel these are judged on a case by case basis.


26. How do I get my visa?

If you are accepted for participation in the conference on either a panel or roundtable and have registered for the conference, please contact the bisa office who will be able to assist with a suitable visa letter. the deadline for Visa letter requests is the 30th March 2018. Due to the tightening Visa rules for travel to the UK, please ensure you apply at least 3 months before the conference. 

27. How do I get a certificate of attendance?

Certificates of attendance will only be issued during the conference at the registration desk, the person requesting the certificate has to be present at the conference. Certificates or confirmation letters will not be sent out retrospectively, after the conference.

28. Legal Disclaimer

BISA also reserves the right to withdraw any paper at any time leading up to and after the conference that it feels may bring the association into disrepute, and/or may be a legal risk for BISA (and possibly the paper Author) due to the nature of the paper content or subject matter. BISA accepts no liability or responsibility for the content of papers uploaded to the BISA website by external authors, any legal issues such as breach of copyright, defamation, plagiarism etc. will need to be taken up with the author directly. All conference particpants are expected to have regard to the BISA code of conduct for members.

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