AV and Internet

At Your Panel
In panel rooms, BISA will provide the following:
  • LCD Projector or LCD screen
  • Laptop Computer (Windows-based)
  • Microsoft PowerPoint software
Software capabilities are limited to Powerpoint ONLY. The software can accommodate presentations created in Microsoft or Mac formats. Presenters will not be able to use their own laptop computers since the audio visual setups in the meeting rooms MUST NOT be changed in any way. Presenters must bring their Powerpoint on a USB flash drive and insert the flash drive into the BISA laptop computer at the start of the presentation.
Please note: Audio, internet, DVD drives/players, and overhead projectors are NOT provided by BISA. 
Using the laptop
  • Using Powerpoint
  • Save your presentation on a USB Flash or Thumb drive and bring it to the conference. DO NOT DISCONNECT THE BISA LAPTOP COMPUTER – this will cause the LCD projector to reset and as we do not have technical support on site it may not be immediately available THIS WILL DELAY YOUR PANEL
  • To start your presentation, locate the USB port on the laptop. The laptop will be located on a tble in the panel room. Insert the flash drive into the USB port.
  • Double-click on the flashdrive shortcut on the laptop desktop
  • Find your file and double-click on it to open
  • Keep the flashdrive plugged in during your presentation
  • When presentation is completed, close all windows and remove your flashdrive
Internet access
There will be free wifi internet in both hotels however it is not guaranteed to cover all the panel rooms or at peak use times guaranteed to be particularly fast.

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