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Workshop Policies & Funding

  • BISA will cover the direct costs of venue hire, audio visual hire, refreshments and lunch.
  • A travel budget of £1000 is available per workshop (those Postgraduates in receipt of a Conference Bursary cannot additionally claim workshop expenses)
  • Proposals shall include details for how the travel budget will be allocated
  • The workshop should allow for 10 - 15 participants and no more.
  • The workshop convenor will be the point of contact between workshop participants and the BISA office.  You will be responsible for collating and checking claim forms and receipts for travel expenses claims.  You will also be responsible for ensuring all participants are BISA members and register for the conference by the required deadlines.
  • Postgraduates presenting a paper for the workshops will be eligible to apply for the conference bursaries in order to participate in the workshops, this is a competitive process and not all who apply will be awarded funding.
  • We encourage convenors to find matched funding and/or sponsorship to make the travel awards go further, or to cover the travel costs of more senior academics.
  • Any revisions or amendments to Workshop travel budgets require prior approval before the fundign is offered to participant (have regard to the limits per individual below) and all requests should be made before the end of May to the BISA office - non response should not be regarded as approval, it is more than likely the office staff are tied up with final conference arrangements.
  • All convenors have to the end of July following the workshop date, to collate and submit travel budget claims with receipts attached. Please download this Expenses claim form here.
  • BISA will not accept claims on a piecemeal basis from participants or convenors.  All materials must be sent as scanned PDF files attached to an email to the BISA office
  • Reimbursements will be made by electronic bank transfer
Eligible Travel Expenses for Workshop Participants
Travel expenses which BISA will contribute towards include:
  • Travel for Postgraduate members, Early Career members, those academics and practitioners based in low income countries. (Workshop travel expenses cannot be claimed by individuals to whom other BISA funding is awarded i.e. Conference Bursaries, Small research grants etc)
  • Only travel via standard or advance tickets will be eligible for funding. No first class or business class travel is accepted unless clear evidence provided this was the cheapest option.
BISA will NOT contribute to expenses other than those detailed above and all expenses must relate to the workshop attendance.
General Terms & Conditions 
  • Maximum individuals can claim is £150 per participant for those registered at UK and European institutions, and £250 per participant for those registered at non UK and European institutions
  • Claimants must be BISA members
  • Claimants must have participated in the workshop and not just named on the proposal
  • Please ensure expenses claimants are not already in receipt of other forms of conference travel awards from their institution or in receipt of a BISA Postgraduate conference bursary - individuals cannot claim twice with the same receipts.
  • The awards are for travel as specified, additional items will not be funded
  • The expenses claims will be paid by bank transfer 
  • Claim forms must be supported by suitable receipts that show VAT where applicable (incl VAT registration number), details of item paid for and the amount paid, online booking receipts should be in the applicants name. Claims without receipts will not be paid.

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