Building a stronger future

Their statement sets out the importance of research to growth, the leading position of the UK as a research nation and the need for investment in the UK’s research base. 
The strength and breadth of the UK’s research base drives innovation and growth. At root, we rely on excellent research for our health, for our economic, social and cultural well-being and for a sustainable future.
In this joint statement, the National Academies urge the next Government to adopt the following priorities in order to make the UK the location of choice for world class research, development and innovation:
Place research and innovation at the heart of plans for long-term economic growth.
Secure prosperity by strengthening public investment in research and innovation.
Meet demand for research skills through a flexible and diverse workforce.
Strengthen policy by embedding expert advice across Government.
The National Academies hope that they have support for the messages in the statement from the wider research community and are keen to work collaboratively across all areas of research to ensure continued investment.
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