Joint Committee on Human Rights: Legislative Scrutiny

The Joint Committee on Human Rights has decided to continue the previous Committee’s practice of scrutinising every Government Bill for its compatibility with human rights.
Joint Committee on Human Rights
This is including common law fundamental rights and liberties, the Convention rights protected by the Human Rights Act 1998 and the human rights contained in other international obligations assumed by the UK such as the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. 
The Committee’s scrutiny of Bills for compatibility with the requirements of human rights law will continue to include consideration of whether the Bill presents an opportunity to enhance human rights in the UK.
The Committee actively encourages input from the public into its legislative scrutiny work.
Policing and Extremism
The Committee considers that two proposed Bills and one proposed draft Bill in the Government’s Legislative Programme for 2015-16 are likely to raise particularly significant human rights issues:
  • Extremism Bill
  • Investigatory Powers draft Bill
  • Policing and Criminal Justice Bill
The Committee proposes to focus its legislative scrutiny work principally on these two Bills and one draft Bill during the current parliamentary Session.  The draft bill was published today but neither of the Bills has yet been introduced.
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