BISA Public Statement regarding the situation for Academics in Turkey

Dear BISA members

Happy new year. The Board of Trustees has lent BISA’s full support to a joint public statement released yesterday by a number of professional associations in international studies, seeking to raise their voices against the situation faced by academic colleagues in Turkey and threats to their academic freedom. This statement is provided below. Collectively the Associations would like to seek as wide a dissemination of the public statement as possible, and to this end would invite you to consider disseminating among your networks as you feel appropriate. We would also like to invite our Working Group convenors to consider distributing to their members by e-mail or through social media. If you feel inclined to do so, we appreciate your help in the effort to raise the profile of this issue.

Best wishes

Nicola Phillips

Chair of BISA, on behalf of the Board of Trustees

Public Statement of the Presidents and Chairs of Professional Associations on  “International Studies”  regarding the Persecution of Academics in Turkey
18 January 2016 (as amended as of 22 January 2016)
As leaders of associations that represent academics and analysts of international studies, we are deeply concerned about the reaction of the Turkish government and police to the public statement signed by Turkish and international academics on the situation in Southeastern Turkey last week. While we condemn any form of political violence, we insist that academics must have the right to express their political views freely and without having to fear for their jobs or personal freedom.
We call upon the Turkish authorities to stop the persecution of our colleagues and ask university administrations to respect the right to free speech and academic freedom. Turkey is an important partner in our joint efforts to better understand how “a more peaceful, more socially inclusive world” can be realized – a key aim of the “Alliance of Civilizations” which President Erdogan has co-sponsored. Free academic debate is an essential prerequisite to foster such understanding. We hope that it can continue to flourish in Turkish universities as well. 
Professor Gunther Hellmann 
Executive Secretary, World International Studies Committee (WISC) 
Professor Thomas Diez 
President, European International Studies Association (EISA) 
Professor Paul Diehl 
President, International Studies Association (ISA) 
Professor Stefano Guzzini 
President, Central and East European Studies Association (CEEISA)
Professor Nicola Phillips 
Chair, British International Studies Association (BISA) 
Professor Tuomas Forsberg 
Chair, Nordic International Studies Association (NISA) 
Professor Stephan Stetter 
Chair, IR Section, German Political Science Association
Professor Rafael Velázquez  
President, Mexican International Studies Association (MISA) 
Dr Alberto Sepúlveda Almarza 
President, Asociación Chilene de Especialistas Interacionales (ACHEI) 
Professor Arlene B. Tickner 
President, Corporación Red Colombiana de Relaciones Internacionales (REDINTERCOL) 
Professor Ben J Muller 
President, International Studies Association-Canada 
Professor Fulvio Attiná and Professor Vittorio Emanuele Parsi 
Co-Chairs, Standing Group of International Relations, Italian Political Science 
Association (SGRI/SISP) 
British International Studies Association


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