Join the new BISA Working Group on War Studies

We’re pleased to announce a new BISA working group on War Studies. This has been set up by co-convenors Dr James Rogers from the University of South Denmark, and Dr Patrick Bury from the University of Bath.
At the heart of the group is a desire to bring focus back to war in all its forms as a phenomenon in International Studies. We are keen to study War Studies in its broadest sense and, as such, are interested in quantitative and qualitative, interdisciplinary, historical and contemporary research on the conduct of war, war and gender, forms of warfare, military organisations, strategy, war and technology, military sociology, and war in International Relations. As Dr Rogers stated, “put simply, we are keen to encourage and welcome all forms of scholarship on war and conflict. By its very nature, war is an interdisciplinary topic of study and we want to facilitate and foster such discussions”.
The principle aims for the Working Group are:
  • to maximise interest and participation in War Studies research 
  • to encourage dissemination of War Studies research amongst the BISA community and beyond
  • to provide a platform for establishing links with think tanks and government sectors, and,
  • to publish a new War Studies journal.
The group has already held its inaugural event – a joint CWS workshop on War and Innovation at the University of Southern Denmark. We will soon hold our first Steering Committee in London and have plans to hold a ‘Technology and Warfare’ event in Bath in the Autumn of 2020.
In the meantime, we will be holding panels at the BISA 2020 Conference in Newcastle-upon-Tyne and are keen for anyone who is conducting research in this area to submit a paper proposal, or to put together a panel or roundtable.
Co-convenor Dr James Rogers said, “The war studies discipline has suffered from a lack of diversity and inclusivity in the past and this Working Group seeks to examine issues in War Studies in the broadest and most inclusive sense possible. We seek to provide a platform for the exchange of ideas, the dissemination of high quality and innovative research, and for member and wider societal networking.”
If you’re a BISA member you can join the War Studies working group by navigating to the ‘Members Area’ of the website and scrolling down to ‘Add Working Group Affiliation’. Non-members will need to sign up first. We also welcome membership from the military and policy backgrounds.
Both James and Patrick would be delighted to speak to anyone interested in joining. You can contact them at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
You can also follow the new BISA War Studies Twitter: @BISAWarStudies 
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