Meet the nominees - 2019 Executive Committee elections

This year we have three Trustee vacancies on our Executive Committee. Six candidates are standing. If you're a full, ECR or Emeritus member of BISA then you're entitled to vote, and each voter can vote for up to three candidates.

Voting is now closed.

Richard Beardsworth, University of Leeds

Seconded by Ruth Blakeley, University of Sheffield

Richard Beardsworth was recently appointed Professor of International Politics and Head of School at the University of Leeds. He was previously E.H. Carr Professor and Head of Department at the University of Aberystwyth.  He has been an appointed member of BISA executive for the last two years in preparation for the centenary of the discipline of International Relations and the centenary of the Department of International Politics at Aberystwyth, celebrated together at BISA’s highly successful 2019 annual conference in London. He was chair of the ISA Ethics Panel Book Award from 2015-2017.
A normative theorist, Richard came to the discipline of International Relations from political philosophy. His research and teaching concerns have been in international theory, particularly ethical and political responses to globalization processes and the interdependence of states and peoples.  Since 2015 he has focused on what the state might look like as an agent of change with regard to global threats and challenges. His publications and public engagements have advanced a new theory of political responsibility that bridges the gap between global concerns and the state system.
Richard believes strongly in the critical importance of the Social Sciences in general and the discipline of International Politics in particular. Trans-border threats and challenges are often considered by university research agendas in technical terms. However, as contemporary social movements and the phenomenon of populism show, all solutions to these threats are mediated by social, legal and political processes at scale. Without an understanding of these processes, international politics cannot help effect substantial change. Richard wishes to be an elected member of the BISA executive in order to advance, in partnership with members of the association, the importance of the discipline of International Politics at this historical juncture.  He hopes also to bring his administrative experience in the discipline to help further the present effective management of BISA.

Hassan Elbahtimy, Kings College London

Seconded by Nicholas J Wheeler, University of Birmingham

I’m a Lecturer in the War Studies Department, King’s College London. I have been an active contributor to BISA’s activities since 2009 when I attended my first BISA conference as a PhD candidate. I now co-convene BISA’s Nuclear Working Group (since 2018) where I work with other BISA members to provide an open and inclusive platform for academics and researchers working on all aspects of nuclear politics. If elected, I will use that role to achieve three priorities: First, to continue to grow BISA’s membership particularly aiming at early career academics and PhD students and focusing on providing support and mentorship opportunities for them. Second, to support and harmonise the excellent work done by BISA’s working groups including through sharing best practices and enabling collaborative activities between the working groups. Finally, expanding BISA’s international links, including with academics and universities from the Global South, to enable and facilitate the exchange of research ideas and outputs between those working on International Studies around the world.

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Naomi Head, University of Glasgow

Seconded by David Karp, University of Sussex

I am standing for election to the BISA Executive Committee as a Trustee because I have a strong desire to contribute to the development of an association that has consistently enriched my academic career to date. Recently I have taken a leading role in developing a supportive research community by co-founding and co-convening the BISA Emotions in Politics and International Relations Working Group. For innovative contributions to teaching, I received the 2018 BISA Excellence in Teaching International Studies Award.  I see BISA as a central hub for research, professional development, teaching excellence, and civil society engagement and believe that BISA has an important role to play in the contemporary challenges facing UK higher education.  As a Trustee, I would contribute to BISA’s expanding work in developing staff, student and curriculum diversity in British universities, strengthening and diversifying its learning and teaching strategy, and supporting postgraduate and early career members.  If elected, I would also support efforts to engage with issues such as academic casualisation, the gender pay gap, and the importance of critical scholarship for public engagement with international affairs. It would be a privilege to work with and for the Association’s members to support our dynamic and diverse community.

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Alister Miskimmon, Queen’s University Belfast

Seconded by Mark Webber, University of Birmingham

I am standing for election to the BISA Executive Committee as a regular Trustee to help continue the excellent work of the committee which has seen the association go from strength to strength. I am currently head of the School of History, Anthropology, Philosophy and Politics, at Queen’s University, Belfast. Before that I spent 15 years at Royal Holloway, University of London, which included a three-year term as Head of the Department of Politics, International Relations and Philosophy. My research interests are primarily in the areas of strategic narratives, German, European and global security and European integration. If elected as a BISA Trustee, I would bring my experience of academic administration to work in the Executive Committee to strengthen and develop the association to the benefit of all its members.

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Amanda Russell Beattie, Aston University

Seconded by Gemma Bird, University of Liverpool

I am motivated to run for the position of General Trustee because I want to become more involved in the everyday governance of BISA.  I have been a member of BISA since 2004, and am very grateful for the support and opportunities that the association has provided for me throughout my career.  The time has come for me to contribute in a meaningful way to ensure that others benefit from a similar style of support and opportunity the association fosters.  I will bring to this role, if elected, a diverse set of experiences.  I am a co-founder and convenor of the Emotions and International Relations working group.  This position has fostered insight, and interest, in the governing decisions of the association, revealing my desire to engage further in this type of process.  Moreover it has afforded me the opportunity to negotiate some of the rules and regulations required to make informed decisions. What  is more, this past year (2019-2019) I was the Chair of the International Politics of Migration, refugees and Diaspora Best Article Award Committee, taking the leading role in the creation of this opportunity.

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Elspeth Van Veeran, University of Bristol

Seconded by Kyle Grayson, University of Newcastle

II have a particular interest in issues of equality, diversity and inclusivity. With a wealth of experience developing new initiatives and leading change, I would like to help transform BISA, our discipline, and higher education so as to build a healthier, better and more sustainable work and study environment for everyone. As the EDI Lead for the School of Sociology, Politics and International Studies at the University of Bristol, I have direct experience of the necessity but also the challenges surrounding EDI within Higher Education. I also have experience leading and working within collaborative teams in academia and beyond. During my term in office I will prioritise working to open up BISA’s projects and structures to be more inclusive, caring, celebratory, innovative and collaborative, working as a champion and ally to centre a diverse set of voices and needs, and work to draw on and bring inspiration from the best practices in this area internationally. EDI involves a commitment to placing inclusiveness at the heart of what we do. It is essential work. I would therefore welcome the opportunity to make a contribution to a core need in our profession and ask for your consideration.
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