Plenary Panel 2012

Diversity on the discipline: tension or opportunity in responding to global challenges 
20th June 2012 
The global financial crisis, continued concerns over terrorism, the projection of Western power into Iraq and Afghanistan, the growing significance of China and the emergence of the G20 states as major players, and political revolution in the Middle East, are amongst the challenges shaping contemporary international relations. Power is changing. Alliances are being reconfigured, and institutions are evolving. Security challenges are being articulated in a variety of areas including through technological change, health, natural disasters, and food scarcity.
In addressing these issues, International Studies is characterised by diversity. This includes differences in how global challenges are understood. Divergent methodological approaches shape the ways in which the substance of these global challenges is analysed. In turn, competing understandings lead to academics offering distinct responses to pressing issues in contemporary global politics.
Opening address
Professor Etel Solingen (University of California Irvine) ISA President
Professor Inderjeet Parmar (University of Manchester) BISA Chair
Plenary Panel
Professor Beth Simmons, Harvard University, USA
Professor Colin Hay, University of Sheffield, UK
Professor Paul Rogers, University of Bradford, UK
Professor Ramesh Thakur, Australian National University, AU
Chair Professor Stuart Croft, University fo Warwick, UK

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