Get involved in your association - Call for nominations

Nominations are invited from Full, Emeritus & Early career members of BISA for election to the Executive Committee, specifically for the positions of Honorary Treasurer, Vice-Chair and two Committee members (see below for role descriptions)  We ask that nominees be based in the UK for logistical reasons.
If you are considering standing for election, find further information on the responsibilities of BISA Trustees, please see here. Find out more about our current committees here. The deadline for nominations is the 9th November 2018, please complete the online form.  The voting emails will be sent out week commencing 12th November 2018, with the deadline for voting closing 30th November 2018. 
Election Nomination Form (Please login to the website to complete this form)
Here are some experiences of our Trustees -

For 3 years (2012-14) I was the trustee responsible for liaising with the Association's Working Groups. During this time I was responsible for: the annual funding round in December through which working group budgets are decided; answering questions members have about working groups; and advising prospective working group convenors about applying to establish a new group. During this time I also led a major review of working group policy that has increased funding to working groups and established guidelines for the future operation of groups. BISA has an exciting range of working groups pursuing cutting edge research agendas.  My role meant I had regular contact with many of the working groups convenors and I found it fascinating to have an overview of the diversity of their various research agendas. Dr Martin Coward, Newcastle University

Since my election as a BISA trustee, I've been a member of research committee - assisting the support provided by the organisation to graduate students and early career scholars. My duties have included appraising the applications made for travel grants to the annual conference by graduate students, liaising on the development of working group guidelines, and my biggest contribution has bee‎n the development of the bisa small research grant program (launching soon) for early career researchers. I attend four bisa meetings of the executive per year to discuss the implementation of existing and new measures, and can confirm that election to BISA is not a massive time constraint on existing duties. Additionally i've gained a lot of experience from working alongside senior colleagues from across the UK university system.  Dr Charlotte Heath-Kelly, University of Warwick

I am now in my second term as an elected Trustee. Assisting in the running of BISA has given me a broad perspective on the development of the discipline - I have been involved in the setting up of a new journal, running a student-focused Model NATO event, liaising with BISA research groups and discussions on everything from REF to TEF. In helping to run the UK's premier international studies association, I now appreciate more fully the importance of an organisation I first joined (many years ago) at the outset of my career.  Professor Mark Webber, University of Birmingham

Although involvement on the BISA Board does require commitment in time and attending several meetings each year I have found it extremely worthwhile. It provides great insight into international studies in the academy, an opportunity to network with other people who are committed to advancing the study of IR/IS, and provide strategic direction for the association. I have been fortunate enough to serve on a variety of subcommittees including learning and teaching, research, outreach, conference, and publications. These can involve anything from reading submissions for BISA prizes to launching new journals, or developing an outreach programme. I would strongly recommend getting involved.  Professor Lee Marsden, University of East Anglia

If you are elected to the Executive Committee, it also means that you have become a Trustee of a charity registered in England and Wales (No. 115260) and a director of a company limited by guarantee (No.8422260. All Trustee/directors will be asked be aware of the legal responsibilities attached to being a Trustee of a charitable company, please check the Charity commission website.

Role Descriptions 

Please read the relevant role description before nominating yourself or being nominated for a position on the Executive Committee. In becoming elected onto the Executive Committee you also will become a charity trustee and company director.

Relevant Charity Commission and Company's House Guidance

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