Associate Membership

  • This membership category is open to people with an interest, or background in International Studies, who are working in professional roles such as, management, research analysis, administration, teaching in schools, editing, writing, outreach and other similar positions.
  • This membership category is also open to those taking a break from their career or currently seeking employment.
  • Members pay a 12 month subscription 
  • You receive access to some of the association member benefits, subject to the restrictions detailed below.
This membership category is an affiliated membership, therefore the following restrictions apply:
  • This membership category does not allow voting rights at any General Meeting when called
  • This membership category does not allow voting rights in the elections to the Trustees board
  • Associate Members may not stand for election and serve on the Trustees Board (if legally able to be a Charity Trustee).
  • Associate members cannot establish and convene Working groups.
Find out more in Membership FAQs
Associate membership discounted fee is £30 per annum
Applicants who reside in a low income country are entitled to a 50% discount on their membership fee.

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