Early Career Membership

  • This membership category is open to anyone for 5 years from the date of gaining a postgraduate qualification in International Studies or related subjects.
  • Early Career membership brings all the benefits of Full membership at a reduced cost:
  • Members pay a 12 month subscription 
  • You receive access to all the association member benefits.
  • This membership category allows full voting rights at any General Meeting when called
  • This membership category allows voting rights in the elections to the Trustees board
  • Early Career Members may stand for election and serve on the Trustees Board (if legally able to be a Charity Trustee).
  • Early Career Members can establish and convene Working groups.

Find out more in Membership FAQs.

Early Career membership discounted fee is £40 per annum
Applicants who reside in a low income country are entitled to a 50% discount on their membership fee.

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