Other Advocacy

The Assocation currently undertakes a number of other advocacy & knowledge exchange activities.

British Academy HSS Learned Societies and Subject Associations Network

The Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) Learned Societies and Subject Associations Network (HSS LSSA) is convened by the British Academy to bring together society represenatives from across the HSS disciplines including BISA, to discuss a range of issues and policy developments. The network meets every six months at the British Academy, usually inviting speakers from the higher education sector to stimulate debate.

ESRC annual meeting with Learned Societies

BISA participates in this annual opportunity for learned societies to discuss key developments and current activities at the ESRC.

AHRC annual meeting with subject associations

BISA particpates in annual meetings with the AHRC to discuss key issues and events.

2014 Agenda 25th september 2014

2013 Agenda 26th september 2013

Campaign for Social Science

The Association endorses the Academy for Social Science (AcSS)'s Campaign for Social Science (CfSS). 

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