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Statement on independence and neutrality - British International Studies Association

The British International Studies Association is a legally constituted charity independent of Government. The Association was established to further its charitable purposes, which are for the public benefit. The Association is independent of all political parties and will not participate in any activity which furthers the interests of any political organisation or secures or opposes a change in the law for political purposes. No Trustee or employee of the British International Studies Association may in this capacity express political views or offer support for any political party, candidate or politician.
The Association reserves the right to organise and carry out campaigning activity, including bringing influence and pressure to bear on Government, Ministers, politicians and political parties, or to offer support for specific policies, if this serves its charitable purposes. In such circumstances the Association will always comply with charity law, civil and criminal laws and codes of conduct as they apply in addition to its fiduciary duties.

Access and Support

Please ensure that when registering you include details of any access, special dietary or childcare needs required to enable you to fully participate in the event.  Advance notice of access requirements allows the necessary arrangements to be made in good time, by the 28th February 2018 at the latest.
Dietary requirements e.g. Vegetarian, Vegan, Halal, Kosher and also any allergies (please include how severe these are) – this information will be passed to the hotel
Access needs e.g. accessible meeting rooms, documents in different formats, coloured paper, interpreter, enabler,
If their access needs requires an enabler then they need to provide the following details for enablers (read the enablers protocol here)
  • What support the enabler will provide
  • Name of enabler
  • Enablers email address
  • Enablers phone number
Child care if needed (Child care booking form)
If you wish to discuss your access needs further, please phone ++44(0)1970628672 or email the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We cannot guarantee access requirements will be met if not received by 28th February 2018. You should send your access needs even if you have previously attended BISA events. 
Once the conference team have notification of an access need then the delegate will be contacted to confirm this requirement and what measures will be in place to meet this need.  Please note that if an access need cannot be met this will be confirmed in writing.

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Miss Gail Birkett 2006 - 2018

Mrs Pauline Kelly 1975 - 2006


British International Studies Association
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