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Working Groups

Our Working Groups are thematic sub-units of BISA which provide an opportunity for BISA members who share a common interest in a particular topic, subfield and research interests in international studies to organise meetings and coordinate communications. BISA members are welcome, and encouraged, to join any working group. Working Groups provide the membership with additional outlets for research and opportunities for scholarship. They have become a vital part of the Association by sponsoring panels at the BISA annual conference, producing newsletters, and recognising scholarly achievements of their members. Working groups are sub groups of the association and are therefore accountable to the association governing document, member code of conduct and are regulated by the Research Committee. BISA currently has within our research community 26 working groups.

BISA Working Groups

Postgraduate Network (PGN)

All postgraduates can join BISA at a discounted rate, which includes free PGN membership. The PGN exists to promote links between postgraduate international studies students throughout the UK and beyond, via workshops, conferences, and travel bursaries for enhanced networking opportunities, as well as access to all the latest developments in the field. 

Postgraduate Network (BISA-PGN)

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