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Friday, 24 January 2014 09:20

The Failure to Secure: The Limits of Global Governance

Thursday 19th June 2014 17.30 Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Dublin - Goldsmiths Hall 2 & 3


With millions displaced in Syria after two years of extreme violence and repression, and an apparent use of chemical weapons by the Assad regime, the UN has come under fierce criticism for failing to halt the bloodshed. Meanwhile in Iraq and Afghanistan, there is little evidence of lasting peace and stability, a state of affairs that calls into question the efforts of both the UN and NATO. Reports from South Sudan and the Central African Republic speak of untold suffering emanating from power struggles and sectarian violence, with one UN Coordinator for Humanitarian Affairs recently describing the situation in the Central African Republic as having all the elements we have seen elsewhere, in places like Rwanda. Many argue that international institutions have failed to adequately address these pressing security challenges. The panel will debate some of the questions at the heart of the conference theme, with a specific focus on the global governance of security, the future of R2P, and prospects for justice through the International Criminal Courts.
Chair: Dr Ruth Blakeley, University of Kent
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